Can I manually add a student to a course?

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Students can be manually added to courses, but the following procedures should be followed when doing so:

  1. All student adds should be sent to LMSadmin ( While you may have the ability to add students, it is very important that FITS has a single paper trail for all adds in case there are issues at a later date (like the student never pays for the class and wants to get a grade).
    1. If you can, ask the instructor, dean, or department head to use the Add DePaul User request form found here:
  2. It is also very important that we only add students to classes if the dean, department head (or similar) and/or the instructor requests the add. When in doubt, ask Melissa.
  3. Students added manually to classes will NOT have access to ARES course reserve materials; their feed only looks at those students officially registered for the class. You can contact the library ( and let them know that the student was manually added to the class in D2L per the request of the instructor, but is not officially registered.
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