What are the available D2L Roles?

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Roles that are the Same as Instructor:

Teaching Assistant – can be added by the instructor

Master – used only in Master Courses

Archive – what an instructor is converted to when we move courses from the main page – about 1 year and a few weeks after the course started. All courses are deactivated (so they disappear from the student view) when they role is changed. Instructors can reactivate if they choose to.

Sandbox – used only in Sandbox Courses

Moderator – used in non-course courses; can add participants

Librarian – used to add embedded librarians into classes


Roles that are the Same as Student:

Participant  Р(used in non-course courses Рcan be added by moderator)

Other Roles:

Reviewer – Primarily in SNL in their master courses but can be used by others; also used for QM Reviewers, (like a student role but is able to see unavailable content and unavailable courses)

Tutor – This is a copy of reviewer but is invisible – designed specifically for QRC tutors but could be used for others.

Incomplete – can be used to add a student to a course for the purposes of completing and incomplete – provides access to a course that is inactive

Fellows (used by Writing Fellows) – TA level access

Observer – this is an invisible role (can’t be seen in the D2L Classlist)

  • Can view course content
  • Cannot view grades
  • Cannot interact with students at all
  • Can only observe

CDM Grader – This is a TA type role used only be CDM that is invisible to the students (doesn’t appear in the classlist)

Faculty – used only by SNL Online – this is a facilitator role. They can facilitate and grade student work, but cannot modify content

FacArchive – the role SNLOnline course instructors are given when their courses are archived.

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