The D2L Upgrade is Now Complete

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The D2L upgrade is complete and the site is now available. Thank you for your patience during this maintenance.

This upgrade was necessary to ensure that DePaul is receiving the most up to date features and upgrades available on the D2L cloud-hosted platform.  Future updates will be made on a monthly basis during off-hours to ensure that we are always on the latest version.  Typically these monthly upgrades will not require any system downtime.

This weekend’s upgrade includes several new features and updates to existing D2L tools that make managing your courses much simpler. Updates include:

  • Dropbox now includes the ability for the instructor to specify an email address if they wish to receive notification of submissions to the dropbox.  Most useful for adding to dropboxes if you are accepting late work or for dropboxes without due dates.  Never miss a submission again.
  • The grading rubric for Dropbox now opens in a pop-up window so you can interact with the rubric and view the submission at the same time.  This feature makes grading easier and faster.
  • Group Discussions can now happen in a single discussion thread.  Group members only see the threads of their group members but instructors can see all threads in a single place.  These discussions can now be attached to a single grade item making assessment easier for both students and instructors.
  • Along with the ability to have all groups in a single thread, instructors also have the ability to post a comment to all groups (or to just select groups).  Less cutting and pasting when managing Group Discussions.
  • The ability to automatically create individual Group Discussions for every student in your class.  These “groups of one” are great places to provide individual feedback on ongoing projects.  Each group automatically includes the student’s name for easier tracking.
    Quiz creation is easier and more intuitive for many of the commonly used question types including True/False, Multiple Choice.  In particular the way the correct answer is indicated is much more straight forward.  Simply place a checkmark next to the correct answer.   The student view of quizzes has not changed.
  • Intelligent Agents have been redesigned and now allow for instructors to specify a custom from/to email.  Previously all emails were sent from the TSC so replies to these emails went to the TSC and not the instructor.  The customization allows instructors to utilize this powerful feature to create automated customized emails based on student behavior.  These behaviors include (but are not limited to) receiving a specific grade on a quiz, logging (or not logging) into the class, visited (or not visited) a particular piece of content.

For more information and/or training on any of D2L’s features, please contact Faculty Instructional Technology Services at or make an individual appointment (in person or virtual) at

As a Heads Up, DePaul will be moving to D2L’s new mobile friendly interface (called Daylight) prior to the Autumn Quarter.   Daylight will enable an enhanced mobile-friendly design in addition to a more modern and accessible interface. We will be sending additional information out to the campus community throughout the summer, but the most important thing to know is that only the look and feel of the system is changing, the feature set will remain the same.

You can learn more about Daylight and get a sneak peak at:

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