DePaul Mobile App Not Respecting Restrictions

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UPDATE 9/15/2017

With the upgrade to Daylight, the app no longer pulls data from D2L, but now redirects users to D2L’s updated and mobile-friendly site.

The 3rd party tool that connects D2L to the iDePaul app appears to not be respecting restrictions that are set within D2L. Students have full access to group restricted discussions, news announcements that are date restricted, and inactive courses. We have notified the engineers in our Information Services group about these issue. They are working on both a short and long term resolution to these issues. Short term they will removing the discussion option from the app (and they will be notifying students of its removal). Long term they will be working with the vendor to resolve the issues.

We are also in the process of rolling out a D2L mobile app option which may be a more viable solution moving forward.

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