How do I drop questions from a quiz in D2L?

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This is an advanced feature of the D2L grades area, and we recommend working with a D2L admin to put these settings in place.

If you want to create an exam in which students have a choice about which questions to answer, or you want to drop a certain number of questions from a quiz with randomized questions, you can use a formula grade item to make students’ grades accurate.

However, this solution WILL NOT work with a weighted grade scheme. You will only be able to use points-based grade items, and you’ll need to set the scheme for the grades area to formula. Also, all questions will need to be worth the same number of points, or the formula will not calculate correctly.

As an example, an instructor may ask students to answer five out of eight long-answer questions on an exam. Each question is worth 10 points.

The Setup:

  1. Set the course’s grading system to formula.
  2. Populate the new quiz with questions, with appropriate point values for each one.
  3. Associate the new quiz with a grade item that has a score value set to the total number of points on the quiz.
  4. Hide the grade item that is associated with the quiz. It will be used to create a “raw score” for the formula grade item.
  5. Create a formula grade item that has a maximum score value set to the number of points the exam will actually be worth (e.g., 50). The formula is this
    [(hidden grade item name).Points Received]
  6. Create a formula for the course’s final calculated grade that includes all grade items except for the one(s) being used to represent a raw score for the quiz.

The quiz has to be scored based on how many points would be possible if students answered all of the questions; the formula grade item is used to eliminate the points possible for the questions that students don’t answer.

Note that when students are answering a subset of questions, instructors may want to select “Can Exceed” in both the Formula grade item and final calculated grade’s settings if they want to give extra credit for answering more questions than necessary.

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