Enhanced Intelligent Agents

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Intelligent Agents are scripts or criteria that can be triggered by certain events within the course and will send an email to a specified user or users based on that trigger action. Visit the DePaul Teaching Commons for more information on using Intelligent Agents.

Practice Run

Intelligent Agents enhancements include the ability to conduct a “practice run” that will display the results of what the report would have generated if it was run at that time; no email is sent to the students at that time.  The list indicates which users would have been contacted with the given parameters of that agent, allowing instructors to test how a particular Intelligent Agent’s settings would impact students.

Custom Reply To Address

Previously, the Intelligent Agents email that is sent out would use a default system address.  With the updated version, instructors can customize the name that will appear in the From field when a student receives the email, or customize the Reply To address a student sees when he or she hits “Reply” to the email that is generated.

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