How do I make a D2L quiz with multiple versions?

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This process requires advanced features, and is best facilitated by a D2L admin. If you would like to work with a D2L admin to create multiple versions of a D2L quiz, please contact us at

It is possible to give two versions of a D2L quiz, and to randomly assign a different exam to different students. Some questions may or may not be the same for both quizzes, but each exam will have some unique questions.

The Setup:

  1. Students are randomly assigned to two groups (A and B), each of which has its own exam in the Quizzes area. For example, Midterm A and Midterm B.  This strategy only will really work if your D2L groups are hidden, i.e., they aren’t in the navigation bar.  Students could still find out what group they were in from the Classlist, but if they aren’t told they will be in groups, they likely won’t look.
  2. Each quiz is given its own grade item, which is assigned to a category with the quiz’s name (i.e., a Midterm grade category with Midterm A and Midterm B grade items.)
  3. The category is set to drop the lowest item, so the students will only get a grade in the gradebook for the exam they take.
  4. The grades area also needs to be set to “Treat ungraded items as 0,” or the student will see their exam grade as dropped no matter what.  This will be especially confusing to them since they won’t see the other exam grade item or the quiz for the other exam.
  5. Release conditions are added to the quizzes, their corresponding grade items, and the quicklinks to the quizzes in the Content area (so students only see the link, quiz and grade item assigned to their group).
  6. Once all this is completed, remove the A and B designations from the quizzes and grade items.  You will get an error from D2L for having two grade items, etc. with the same name, so you’ll want to make them slightly different, i.e., name one Midterm and the other Mid-Term.
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