How do I add someone to my D2L course that was not automatically enrolled?

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Instructors at DePaul have the ability to add Teaching Assistants and CDM Graders (this role is exclusive to the College of Computing and Digital Media) to their courses. You can find instructions for enrolling Teaching Assistants and CDM Graders here. Please note that instructors do not have the ability to un-enroll Teaching Assistants and CDM Graders. The process for un-enrolling Teaching Assistants and CDM graders is mapped out here.

If you would like to enroll users in other roles in your D2L courses, there are two basic options.

  1. If the person is already a member of the DePaul community, i.e., they have Campus Connection credentials, complete the Add User Request Form.
  2. If the person in not already a member of the DePaul community, they first need to be added to PeopleSoft. The course instructor should complete the Add Non-DePaul User Request Form, so that a “friend of the university” PeopleSoft account can be created. This form requires you to provide the name, email address, birth date and phone number for each person. Once a PeopleSoft account has been created, an ID number will be assigned to the person.You will receive confirmation of the completed requests from

There are special considerations when enrolling users as “Students” in D2L courses:

  • Students can only be added to courses if the dean, department head (or similar) and/or the instructor requests the add.
  • Students added manually to courses are NOT added to the official grade record in Campus Connect.
  • Students added manually to courses will NOT have access to ARES course reserve materials. Instructors can contact the library and let them know that the student was manually added to the class in D2L, but is not officially registered.
  • If a student is auditing a course, they will still be enrolled in the role of “Student.”
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