How do I submit D2L feature requests?

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All D2L users are eligible to become members of Brightspace Community. Within Brightspace Community, there is an area dedicated to the exchange of ideas and feature requests related to D2L; the space is called the Product Idea Exchange (PIE).

To contribute to the PIE, you must first register with Brightspace Community. You register here. Please note that it may take a couple of days for your account to be verified and registered.

Once you have registered, you log in to Brightspace Community from this page. The Login button is located in the upper right corner.

Once logged in, the PIE is linked within the Links to Additional Resources area, located on the right side of the Brightspace Community homepage:

PIE Link

In the PIE you can Promote and Demote existing ideas and requests, add comments to existing ideas and requests, and create your own ideas and requests. We always recommend searching the PIE to see if your idea or request already exists before you add it to the PIE; the more a single request is promoted, the more likely it will be seriously considered!

If you would prefer that FITS submit your D2L ideas and requests on your behalf, please contact us at

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