January 19, 2018 Digication Update

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Digication posted the notes below for an upcoming system update. These updates will be released on January 19th, 2018.

Adding Content to an Empty Slide

When you have an empty slide on your page, there will be a message indicating “There is no content in this slide” with button to add content to your slide. This button will function the same as the Add Content button present in the lower-right corner of your ePortfolio.

Editing Rich Text Modules

If you would like to edit the content of an existing rich text module, you can now double click the module to start editing your text.

Slide and Content Boundaries

Anytime a slide is in focus, you will see a blue border around the content area (1). The area inside this border is where you can add your custom content from the Add Content tool. Any content modules that are added to your slide will have a white border around the content module (2).

Content Module Overflow

When the size of your content is greater than the size of the module on your page, you will see indicators on the module that there is overflow—parts of your existing that cannot be displayed in the current space. You can click the auto-resize button at the bottom of the module to automatically adjust the height of the module to fit all the content. Or you can click-and-drag the lower-right corner of the module to adjust the size as needed. This will be present for any type of content that can be added to your ePortfolio.


Slide and Content Tools

As pictured above, we also have moved the Slide and Content tools to the right side of the screen to help provide a cleaner user interface that lets you view more of your ePortfolio in Edit Mode. These tools will now also remain present on the screen as long as the slide or module is in view, this allows ePortfolios with tall pages and content to be managed with ease.

Moving Modules

When you want to move a module within your content area, select the module and then select the Move tool. Next, you can click and drag your module within the content area across a temporary grid with more detailed movement. Also, when you move your content module across the page, you will no longer move other content out of its current position.

Resizing Modules

Anytime you have a module selected, you can resize your module by placing your cursor on the border or corner and then click and drag the boundary of your module to the size you would like. Just like moving a module, resizing a module will no longer move other content out of its current position.

Locking and Unlocking Instruction Slides

Instruction slides can now be locked and unlocked (1) just like the Header slide to prevent unwanted changes while in Edit Mode.

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