How do I remove a grade item that is associated with a Submission folder that has been deleted?

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If a grade item in D2L has been associated with a Submission folder, you won’t be able to delete it until you have removed the association within the Submission folder.

At times, the association remains after the Submission folder has been deleted, and this can cause a lot of confusion. Restoring the Submission folder will allow you to remove the association.

Here’s how you can restore a deleted submission folder:

  1. Go to Submissions in your D2L course.
  2. Click the More Actions button at the top of the page, then select Event Log from the options in its dropdown menu.
  3. Click the Restore button to the right of the folder’s name in the log.

The folder will appear in the Submissions area again. First, remove the grade item association in its properties settings, then you’ll be able to delete the folder again and its corresponding grade item.

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