Why do I get a “not authorized” error message when trying to send emails in D2L?

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If you get a “not authorized” error message when you try to send an email through the Classlist tool in D2L, it’s likely because you started a quiz but did not submit it. The reason for this is that D2L disables the emailing function whenever you start a quiz, and it remains disabled until you submit it.

The first thing you should do when you receive this error message is check to see if you have a quiz attempt still in progress. The best way to do this is by clicking on the Update Alerts icon, which is located at the very top of every page in D2L.

If you have a quiz attempt in progress, an alert will appear in the dropdown menu that opens when you click the Update alerts icon. The alert will provide you with a link that takes you directly to the quiz attempt. Click on the link, and submit the quiz attempt. This will re-enable the email function.

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