Why are students needing to ask permission to view Panopto videos in a course?

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What we suspect is happening is that students who have never used Panopto before and are accessing these videos via D2L and are using Safari on a Mac (or another browser where 3rd party cookies have been disabled) are not being added to Panopto. Therefore, they are being asked to ask for permission to view the video as Panopto does not know that they are a user at DePaul. There are two options to correct this issue:

  1. Use a different browser where 3rd party cookies are not disabled
  2. Go to https://depaul.hosted.panopto.com first and sign-in using D2L and enter in your Campus Connect credentials. Then, go back to the course and attempt to view the video.

Luckily we aren’t seeing a ton of these but enough that we know that some part of the population is having issues

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