Why can I no longer add an attachment to an email using Web Outlook (OWA)?

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Most modern Web browses (including Chrome, Firefox and Edge) no longer support certain types of plugins, known as NPAPI plugins. It is the lack of support for the NPAPI plugins which is preventing you from adding an attachment when using the Outlook Web version (OWA).

The University is in the process of migrating users to a new 2016 Microsoft Exchange server which will resolve the issue. This migration will be done sometime in 2018. In the meantime, if you must use OWA to send file attachments, the workarounds below should allow you to continue to do so:

  • Use the IE11 browser which still does work with NPAPI plugins. This is probably the best option for windows folks, but not so great or Mac folks.
  • If the above is not an option, there is a ‘blind and low vision’ mode which makes some fundamental changes to how information is displayed in Outlook (more screen-reader friendly) including how the file attachment process works. To turn this on:  Click Options See all options Settings > General. Check the “Use the blind and low vision experience.” Make sure to click Save  in the lower right-hand corner. Sign out and back in.

If you continue to have issues using OWA, DePaul’s Technology Support Center (also known as the TSC and Help Desk) is the main support avenue for on campus email. The TSC’s contact information is located here.

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