Why can’t students see the graded rubric associated with a Discussion Topic in D2L?

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Students are unable to view completed, or graded, rubrics from the Discussions area of the course. Students can see their scores— populated by the rubric— in the Grades area of the course, but they are still unable to view a completed rubric from the Grades area.
In order to view a completed rubric that is associated with a Discussion topic, students must follow these steps:
  1. Within the course, click your name in the upper right corner to release a dropdown menu.
  2. Choose Progress.
  3. In the left column, choose Discussions.
  4. Locate the Discussion forum in the list, and use the arrows to release additional details about the Discussion topic:
    Release Arrow
  5. Click on the name of the rubric in the Rubrics section.

For more information about creating and using Rubrics, please see our Rubrics guide.

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