Can instructors un-enroll TAs from D2L courses?

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While instructors can enroll TAs in D2L courses (see instructions here), they cannot un-enroll TAs. Only D2L admins can un-enroll TAs. Instructors can submit requests to remove TAs by using the Remove DePaul User request form. Instructions for accessing and using the form can be found below.

Accessing and Using the Remove DePaul User Request Form

  1. Navigate to D2L.
  2. Login using your Campus Connect credentials.
  3. Click the Technical Support link to release a dropdown menu of options. (This link is located above your My Courses widget).
  4. Choose D2L Request Forms from the list.
  5. You will be prompted to re-enter your Campus Connect credentials. Do so.
  6. Within the User Requests section, choose the Remove DePaul User form.
  7. Fill in the fields. Hit Submit at the bottom of the page. You will receive confirmation of un-enrollment from

NOTE: If FITS staff would like the Central Team to handle the un-enroll request on their behalf, they should also use the Remove DePaul User request form. FITS staff are welcome to un-enroll TAs without using the form, however, as we do not need an official log of TA enrollments in the same way we do instructor and student enrollments.

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