How do I grade student files that weren’t submitted to a D2L Submission folder?

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Sometimes students complete an assignment but don’t submit it to a Submission folder. D2L will let you enter feedback through a Submission folder even if students haven’t submitted a file.

  1. Navigate to Submissions.
  2. Locate the Submission folder in the list, and click on the name of the folder to open the submissions.
  3. Change the Submissions dropdown menu option from “Users with submissions” to “Users without Submissions.”
  4. Click the magnifying glass icon, next to the blank Search for field above the dropdown menu. The names of students who haven’t submitted files to the Submission folder will be displayed in the list of students on this page.
  5. Click the Evaluate link to the right of each student’s name. The grading interface will open, and you can enter feedback for the student.

You’ll be able to enter a score (if you have setup scoring for the folder), add feedback text, and attach a file for the student. These are the same options available when students have submitted a file(s) to the folder. The only difference, then, is that no document will be displayed in the document viewer on the left side of the page.

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