How does email work in D2L?

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We deployed full mail in D2L at the beginning of December 2017, so we could better ensure that emails are getting where they need to go. You can access the inbox within D2L by clicking the envelope icon in the mini-bar of a D2L page.
The D2L inbox acts just as a sort of post office that redirects emails.
D2L Mail Diagram
All emails sent via D2L are routed through the D2L inbox, and what is now a real email address. That real email address is the recipients username +


When an email is sent, it goes first to username +, and is then pushed to the recipient’s “Preferred” email address that is pulled into D2L (green arrows above). The email address that is pulled into D2L is a user’s “Preferred” email address in Campus Connect.


When the recipient replies to that email, the email is again routed through the D2L inbox or username +, and then pushed to the recipient’s “Preferred” email address (orange arrows above).


This means that all emails should now get to recipients, regardless of whether or not they are using a non-compliant email client that doesn’t respect the “Preferred” email address rules. This also means that emails you see in your D2L inbox should, in most cases, also be emails you received at your “Preferred” email address.


We are seeing that some email responses (primarily from .aol and .yahoo) are not ending up in the “Preferred” email address inbox. Unfortunately this behavior is to be expected for email being forwarded on behalf of these providers. The security rules for mail forwarded in the manner described above, when the originating address is from these (and potentially other) providers, results in a denial of delivery.  The mail responses are therefore only available in the D2L inbox (new mail is indicated by the red dot on the envelope icon in the mini-bar of a D2L page).


While not optimal, this solution provides the best chance of mail reaching its intended audience and creates a back-up record of mails sent and received inside D2L.
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