Why are links in HTML pages taking me to other D2L courses?

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There are a few reasons why links to D2L tools contained within html pages may take you to the wrong course. There are a couple best practices that will help to ensure that links function properly:

  1. Link to D2L tools via Quicklinks. Using Quicklinks rather than hard coding will help to ensure that the links update every time the course is copied. You can add a Quicklink to a D2L tool by following these instructions:
    1. Within the html text editor, choose the Insert Quicklink button.
    2. Then, select the D2L tool from the list.
    3. Choose the appropriate folder, topic, quiz, etc. from the list.
  2. Rather than copying and pasting the contents of html pages, copy select components of the course using the Edit Course -> Import/Export/Copy Components workflow. If you copy and paste the contents of an html page, the Quicklinks will not update to match the current course.
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