Students Can’t “Start a New Thread” or “Reply to Thread” for a Discussion Topic

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There is a known issue where if a student copies and pastes bad HTML code into their post, the discussion board will break and the Start a New Thread and Reply to Thread buttons will no longer be clickable. Specifically if they copy in <div> tags.

To fix this issue:

  1. Go to the affected course
  2. Go to Edit Course>Discussion>Access Faulty Discussion Topic
  3. Switch to Grid View
  4. Manually check each and every students post by accessing them one by one
  5. For example, Consider accessing one students post, Click on it
  6. Go to Edit Post, In the Edit Post page under post(HTML Editor) go to The HTML Source editor(</>)
  7. Look for <div> tags, If present remove them by leaving only the <p> tags with the content and click save
  8. If not present then go to another students post and follow steps from 6-7 until you find the faulty post

Start with the post you think is bad.


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