Using two Rubrics for one Submission folder

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In some cases, instructors will be teaching a combined section class that is comprised of grad students and undergrad students. Usually with courses like this, instructors will have assignments that are the same for both sections but the evaluation is different. Typically to handle this situation we create two Submission folders and set section restrictions on the Submission folders. Another option, as long as the points are the same, is to attach two rubrics to one Submission folder. Here is the procedure:

  1. Create two rubrics.
  2. Attach both rubrics to the Submission folder.
  3. When evaluating, click on either rubric.
  4. From the dropdown at the top, choose the rubric you want for grading.
  5. Uncheck the “transfer” box just below the rubric you’re not using (you can also do that with the rubric you are using if you don’t want anything transferred to the comment box).
  6. Complete the rubric.

Please note: The one bad thing about the “transfer” option – if you go back to the rubric to make changes and forget to uncheck the transfer box, the feedback will be transferred to the comment box again.

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