Why isn’t LaTeX working in the new quiz build experience?

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“Unfortunately, the inclusion of LaTeX as an option in the Graphical Equation selector was de-prioritized against the other equation editors, and currently it’s not present as an option. This new experience has been rewritten from the ground up, and so not every option could be included in the first round and not every option will be included in the future. LaTeX was found to be used in far fewer questions than MathML was when we did an audit of equation editor use.

I do fully understand the institutions’ desire to keep using LaTeX, though. To help our product owners recognize where there is a strong desire to use LaTeX, I suggest opening opening a PIE request to give a face to this need to continue to support LaTeX, and to garner some community support.”

Essentially, LaTeX support is slowly being dropped. Using the old experience when requiring the LaTeX equation editor is currently the best option available. To help show D2L that this function is helpful, switch to the new experience and then back to the old experience. They will ask for feedback about why you are switching, so let them know that you explain (or complain) that the new view doesn’t include LaTeX.

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