If I update a question after students have taken a quiz, will D2L automatically update their scores?

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Unfortunately D2L doesn’t automatically re-grade a question if you edit it after students have taken a quiz. You will need to manually update their scores, and there are a few different ways to do this.

  • Re-grade just the quiz question that you updated. You can manually update students’ scores for a question if they didn’t receive credit for selecting the correct answer. See the “Grade quizzes by question” section in the Grading Quizzes D2L guide for instructions.
  • Re-grade the quiz question using D2L’s “update all attempts” option. This multi-step process is outlined in one of our Tips & Tricks posts. It works well for multiple choice and true/false questions; other question types can get a bit tricky.
  • Adjust overall scores for the quiz in the Grades area. If none of your students answered the question correctly and you just want to give them credit for it, you could adjust their scores for the quiz in the Grades area. Simply add to their overall quiz score the number of points the question was worth. See the “Enter grades by grade item” section in the Entering Grades D2L guide for instructions.
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